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About Us



At Graham, we have a passion to improve farming techniques and practices through the implementation of technology innovation.  This singular mission drives us to deliver products that bring quantifiable and direct precision agriculture benefits to our customers.

Our commitment to our customers is to strive to continually to find ways add value to the farming operation by:

  1. Extending the useful life of their old planters.
  2. Improving the efficiencies of their annual planting and fertilizer applications
  3. Providing solutions that can help them manage their farms
  4. Using our products to reduce input costs and improve profitability
  5. Enhancing the conservation of their land and natural resources.



In 2008, Graham Electric Planter was founded in Sterling, Colorado.  Jerry Graham needed variable-rate seeding for his Monosem twin-row planter.  At the time, his son Toby was supporting professional drag racing teams with data acquisition systems.  When discussing variable rate seeding for planters, they realized that a lot of the same principles Toby was applying for data acquisition systems for race cars could be applied to create a variable rate electric drive for planters.  Through this initial project, Graham Electric Planter took hold and the first commercial units were sold in 2011.

In 2013, Graham debuted its first branded rate controller, GrahamCommand Lite, which integrated with the Graham Electric Drives to provide a branded solution for Rate control, Row Shut-off and individual manual input row population.

In January 2015, Toby Graham unexpectedly passed away from an undiagnosed deep brain aneurysm.  While he is greatly missed, his enthusiasm for farming and passion for technology innovation to support the evolution of farming remains.  This same passion is what we use to test and develop the new products we bring to market to solve the precision farming needs of our customers both today as well as in the future.



In 2012, the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) recognized Graham as one of the top fifty innovations of 2012 for our Electric Planter Drive.  The Company was presented this honor at the annual AE50 awards ceremony hosted by Resource Magazine.