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Graham Command Pro

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Graham Command Pro

The GrahamCommand PRO touch screen monitor only requires a power and ground connection. Communication between the planter drives and the monitor is wireless. Additionally, our GrahamCommand Pro tablet offers the following features:

  • Row-By-Row Population Control – The Graham Pro is the ONLY controller on the market that allows individual row population control. ¬†Prescription maps and individually control the row population based on each rows location in the prescription map. For example, a 12 row planter straddling three population zones will have each row planting according to the respective population zone each row is located. The GrahamPro tablet will offer automated row control also based on the coverage map and turn compensation.
  • Automatic Row-by-Row Shutoff
  • Prescription Rate Control
  • Turn Compensation

Additionally, with the purchase of upgrade keys, the GrahamCommand PRO can provide the user with additional powerful controls including:

  • Variable Rate Fertilizer Application (both Liquid and Dry)
  • Seed Sensor Monitoring




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