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Liquid Sprayer Application


Liquid Sprayer Application

SMART NOZZLE GPS control of single nozzles providing excellent application accuracy and efficiency.  

Using GPS the SMART NOZZLE SYSTEM allows the control of each individual nozzle on the spray line. Each nozzle is a section. This individual nozzle control opens up new dimensions and precision in crop protection.   SMART NOZZLE uses altek valves fitted to each nozzle, either Direct Control / Multi – Spray twin or quad / Elektra depending on the customers requirements.

Reduction in overlaps results in chemical application savings in excess of 10%. In addition by filling the sprayer with the volume of chemical actually required less chemical is wasted in washing out operations.
Increased accuracy during liquid fertilizer application reduces the possibility of crop damage from over / under application.


  • Reduces spray overlap to a minimum
  • Saves chemical
  • Radio control nozzle check guidance
  • Capable to retrofit to most makes of sprayers

Sprayer Schematic

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