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Graham Lite EPD

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Graham Lite EPD

Our Electric Planter Drive (EPD) is available for new and used agriculture planters to replace ground and hydraulic drives. The EPD is accurate and economical. It offers individual row shutoff and variable-rate population, and it eliminates maintenance intensive bearings, chains, and sprockets.

System Features include:

  • Each Graham Command Lite EPD kit contains a control board, a weatherproof harness using Deutsch connectors, a housing, and four electric motors.
    • For example, a 16-row planter would use four kits.
  • Each kit uses 12V Brushless 80 RPM or 120PRM Hollow Shaft Electric Motors
    • Motors are rated for 5,000 hours of operation
  • The control board controls four rows individually.
  • The control algorithm is completely closed-loop for accuracy and instant adjustment to population rate changes.
  • Each control board interfaces with the GrahamCommand Lite Tablet wirelessly through our Interface Board.
    • Using GrahamCommand Lite controller, our EPD offers the following benefits:
    • Manual Individual Row Shut-off
    • Manual Row Shut-off
    • Manual Rate Control
    • Manual Rate Population by Row
  • The Graham Lite EPD can be used in conjunction with a 3rd party monitor using prescription mapping. ¬†However, it will can only perform prescription mapping capabilities that are available with your 3rd party monitor.


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