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3rd Party Rate Controller

Graham makes it easy for Operators utilizing a 3rd party rate control monitor to integrate our products into their existing planter using our Graham Lite EPD system (Note: Graham Pro EPD and Graham Lite Upgrade Kit system cannot be used in conjunction with 3rd party monitors):

  1. Each row will have one of our electric drives.
  2. For each four rows, there is one Graham EPD Control Box connected to the four electric drives through one of our control harnesses. A Graham EPD Interface Box connects with the rate controller.
  3. The Interface Box, in essence, is a virtual hydraulic drive and row shutoff system. The Interface Box wirelessly communicates with each Control Box, instructing each row whether or not to turn and the desired RPM from the rate controller.
    One important aspect of our system is that it is totally dependent on the rate controller being set up correctly. The user must be able to configure and operate the rate controller correctly or the result from our drives will be sacrificed.