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  1. Our Electric Planter Drive (EPD) kit is available for almost any make/year of planter.
  2. You are not limited to a certain rate controller, planter manufacturer or seed plate type; finger or vacuum.
  3. Our USA built drives have been in the field for six years with over 10,000 rows of already implemented.
  4. Our product easily installs and interfaces with any of the major variable rate controller systems.
  5. Our EPD also interfaces with row/section shutoff’s on your guidance system.
  6. Besides eliminating the cumbersome and maintenance intensive hydraulic drive system, when you use our EPD, you will have individual row shut-offs.
  7. When using our GrahamCommand products to control our EPD, our control algorithm is completely closed-loop. This means extreme accuracy and instant adjustment to population rate changes. Our system has an error of 4 tenths of 1 percent (0.4%) and will react to rate changes in less than two tenths of a second.
  8. Most single row planters will not require any chains or sprockets, so No-Till farmers won’t waste time re-installing chains while planting.
  9. Our EPD system is not only more accurate than a hydraulic drive, but it is cheaper to convert a ground drive to our system compared to installing a hydraulic drive and row clutches.
  10. If you are a seed corn grower, you will appreciate that our EPD can not only do variable-rate, but also each row’s population can be set to be a percentage of the main population.
    • For example, if you need to plant the outer two rows at 80% population, its easy with our system and you don’t have to change sprockets.
    • Each row can be easily configured using GrahamCommand Lite, BASIC or PRO.