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Customer FAQ

Do I need an Alternator to run your EPD?

We get this question a lot.  In our experience, if you are running a 12 row or less, you will not need any power supply beyond that supplied by your Tractor.  Sometimes 16 row planters can also be ran without an alternator.  However, this can depend on type of soil and type of tractor being used to plant.  Older tractors may need the help of an hydraulic alternator.  If you have questions, please consult a Graham Dealer.

Does Graham Electric Drives work on my existing monitor?

Yes, our product is adabtable to many monitors. Our EPD are universal with AgLeader, Precision, Trimble, and John Deere monitors.

I have an old planter, do your Electric Planter Drives work on my planter?

That is the beauty of our electric planter drive system. It makes old planters new. We can retrofit on any old planter you may be operating.

How does this product work?

Our electric planter drives replace chains and sprockets that are controlled wirelessly from a monitor in the cab. Our electric drives eliminate all ground and hydraulic drives and eliminates most chains and driveshafts.  They drive the meters installed on the planter. They operate on any installed meter including John Deere, Kinze, Precision, White, Case iH, Monosem, Kuhn, Gespardo and Matter Mac to name a few.

I want to do variable rate, does your product allow this?

Yes, our EPD can be used with a 3rd party monitor with variable rate modules installed to do variable rate planting as allowed by that 3rd party monitor. Otherwise, you can purchase any one of our GrahamCommand products to control our EPD and obtain variable rate control on a ROW-BY-ROW basis.

I want to have individual row control, does your product offer this?

Yes, a 3rd party monitor to control individual row population can use our product. Additionally, you can select any on of our GrahamCommand products to control individual row population.

I want to utilize prescription mapping, does your system support?

Yes, a 3rd party monitor that has GPS capabilities can be used to control our EPD and implement prescription mapping. Otherwise, you can purchase our Graham Command Pro product that offers prescription mapping, automatic row shut-off, turn compensation, prescription row population, and seed monitoring.

How do I know that Graham supports my planter?

You can view our current models supported by going to the SUPPORT section of our website and viewing “Planter Models” to check that your planter model is supported. If you don’t see your particular planter, please contact Graham. We will find or create a solution that allows installation of our system on your planter.

I want to do variable rate fertilizer application, can Graham products support this application?

Yes, our GrahamCommand Pro monitor can be equipped with modules to control granular fertilizer or liquid fertilizer including prescription mapping, auto row shut-off, section control (Granular) and individual row (liquid) control as well as turn compensation. This feature is offered through our technology partnership with H-Tec Ag.

What types of motors does Graham use?

We utilize 12V hollow shaft electric motors.  On our Graham Lite product, we use brushed 80 RPM electric motors.  Beginning in 2016, our Graham Pro EPD System will utilize 80RPM 12V 80 RPM brushless electric motors with individual row control boards built into the motors with high power RF chips to allow each row to communicate with our Interface system to the Cab.