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Dealer Co-op Information

Dealer Co-op Advertising Program

As a Dealer for GRAHAM,you deserve every tool to help you grow your business. Our Dealer Co-op Program can help. We can give you a central contact to request a variety of products, marketing materials, apparel, and also to request reimbursement for up to 50%* of your advertising costs within your local market.

*Your Co-op Allotment for the year is based on current Discount Level:

(Bronze up to $1000; Silver up to $2000; Gold up to $3000).

Dealer Co-Op Advertising Program FAQ:

  1. How do I request GEP Co-op Program assistance?
    1. CONTACT:
      Linda Austin
  1. What is eligible for co-op reimbursement?
    1. Brochures/Flyers
    2. Magazine and Newspaper Ads
    3. Radio Ads
    4. Direct Mail
  2. What is NOT eligible for co-op reimbursement?
    1. Yellow Page ads
    2. Team sponsorships
    3. Website
    4. Tradeshow entry fees
    5. Classified Ads
    6. Promotional Items (Apparel & Merchandise)
  3. Where do I find approved Graham artwork?
    1. Contact Linda.
  4. I want to create my own ad. How do I know it is eligible for co-op?
    1. You must request PRE-APPROVAL for eligibility BEFORE you publish or place order for marketing materials by emailing Linda the proof

**Ads that feature other vendors in addition to GRAHAM will be reimbursed accordingly

MORE QUESTIONS? Email Linda or give her a call 303.482.5279

Reimbursement Form