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Operator Manuals

GrahamCommand allows the user to individually control the speed/population of each row manually. It will need a groundspeed signal to determine tractor MPH. At this time, all units are imperial. Due to the increased popularity of our electric drives, a software update will be available soon for metric units.

GrahamCommand communicates via a Bluetooth connection to the Graham Interface board. The Interface board will need to be connected to battery power and ground, a groundspeed sensor, and an implement lift switch.

The power harness connects to a power outlet in the cab of your tractor. The ground speed sensor must have a frequency output. Simple radar based speed sensors offer this output. If you have any questions regarding the output of your groundspeed sensor, please contact your Graham dealer.

config screen

Calibration Information Screen

Row Spacing – Measurement between row units. Default 30

Plate Count – Amount of seeds per rotation of the seed plate. Default 30

Gear Ratio – Motor turns to one seed plate rotation. Default 1.00

EPD Count – Determines row count. Row count = EPD Count*4

Channel – Will be used later. Default 1

Radar Cal – Pulses/MPH Default 58.94

Stand Alone – Yes/No Select Yes

Imperial/Metric – Default Imperial

Cycles the drives to clean or load seed plates.
Opens the ‘defaults’ page
Opens the Plant screen
Pressing this icon initiates the bluetooth communication
This is visible on the top right part of the screen when the Bluetooth modules are connected
Until the Bluetooth modules connect, this icon will be located on the top right portion of the screen
Stops the GrahamCommand App

Plant Screen


Row – Row Number

Pop. – Feedback value from control boxes.

% – Ratio between Pop and Master

Master – Population set by clicking one of the three master buttons.

Target – Percentage set by user. Master population multiplied by Target is the Row Master value.

On/Off – Green or Red dependent on if the row is to be planting. Press the Green/Red icon to start/stop the individual row.

Master – Population set by user. Presets are selected in the ‘Defaults’ page. They can be fine adjusted by using the +/- icons.

RPM-value for motor rpm based on active Master population and vehicle speed.

MPH-vehicle speed. In the event you experience problems obtaining a ground speed, you can use the ‘Simulated-Speed” mode. In the ‘Defaults’ page you will enter a simulated speed value. To initiate the ‘Simulated-Speed” mode, press the ‘RPM’ value, most likely this will be’0’. You will then see the RPM value be set to the same number you entered for the ‘Simulated-Speed’ value in the ‘Defaults’ page and the text color will change to green. To de-activate, press on the RPM value again and the text will turn red. All of the GrahamCommand functions will work exactly the same while in Sim mode.

Initiates the Jump start routine.In some instances the ground speed sensor might have a delay in reacting to vehicle movement.
The Jump start allows the drives to be activated manually.
Pressing the green light will stop the individual row
Pressing the red light will start the individual row.

To activate/deactivate all rows, press the ‘Master’ text. Press again to change all rows to the opposite state.

To activate/deactivate groups of four rows,press the row label for the first row in the four row group. For example, to turn off rows 5,6,7 and 8, press the label ‘5’ Press again to change the state of all four rows.

Returns to Configuration Page
Displays the lift switch position
Displays the lift switch position

GrahamCommand to the Interface board. Then manually move the lift switch and watch the toggle icons move up and down. This will help you set the proper position for the lift switch.


  1. Electric drives don’t rotate
    • Check power and ground at the planter
    • Ensure GrahamCommand is connected to the Interface Board via the BlueTooth connection.
    • Do you have a ground speed reading on your GrahamCommand?
    • Check lift switch position.
  2. One row will not operate.
    • Check the fuse
    • Check the control harness for cuts.
    • Check pins in the deutsche connectors. Sometimes a pin might not be seated correctly
  3. Population is not correct.
    • Verify all configuration data is correct.
    • Verify the GrahamCommand MPH matches vehicle groundspeed.