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For use on Graham CommandPRO product

The Graham Pro EPD utilizes a wireless control board embedded in the end cap of each motor. Therefore, each motor is able to communicate wirelessly directly to the Graham Command Pro controller located in the Tractor Cab.  This motor part number is associated with our Graham Command Pro wireless control system.

The Graham Pro EPD system installs using the same mounts and brackets that our Graham Lite EPD system utilizes.   However, it has a simplified harness kit as the only harness our Graham Pro EPD motors utilize is a power harness. All control and GPS signal is wireless, which eliminates a lot of harnesses!

The seed sensor plugs directly into the motor and all seed monitoring data is communicated wireless to the seed monitor displayed on our Graham Command Pro Tablet in the Tractor Cab.

The Graham Pro EPD system can be retrofitted on all major planter brand meters including John Deere, Monosem, White, Case iH, Kinze, MaterMacc,  Gespardo, Kuhn, and Great Plains.

Motor Features include:

  • Brushless 12V
  • 75 RPM Hollow Shaft Electric Motors
  • Rated for 5,000 hours of operation
  • IP 65 rated
  • 125 inch pounds of torque
  • Weatherproof Harnesses using Deutsch Connectors connect the motors to the tractor power.
  • Each motor has integrated control boards allowing for individual row control.
  • The Graham PRO EPD System offers row-by-row when used with our GrahamPro


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