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Graham Lite Quad Pro Upgrade Kit


Graham Lite Quad Pro Upgrade Kit

Already running our award winning Graham Lite EPD system, but have new product envy when you see the features of the new Graham Pro brushless system? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Beginning in February 2016, our Graham Lite Upgrade Kit is available for purchase.

This Kit provides all the necessary components to bring bring the features of Graham Pro to your existing installed Graham EPD System including:

  • Auto swath control
  • Turn compensation
  • Prescription mapping (requires GPS subscription from 3rd party)
  • Seed Monitoring

This upgrade kit includes:

  • Graham Pro Interface Board – Replaces your existing Graham Lite Interface Board
  • Graham Upgrade Control Board(s) – Replace existing Control Boards with our Upgrade Control Boards
  • Graham Pro Command – A new Android tablet with Graham Pro Command software
  • GPS Harness Kit – Allow the upgraded EPD system to connect to GPS signal

Contract Graham or one of our dealers for more details on how you can upgrade your existing Graham Lite EPD system.



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