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Fertilizer Control Systems

Fertilizer Control Systems


Graham offers a module upgrade to our Graham Pro EPD system that allows operators to control dry and liquid fertilizer application through our GrahamCommand Pro tablet-based controller. This wireless control system requires 3rd party pump and flow meters. However, our system wirelessly controls gallon per acre as well as the row-by-row flow rate.

Our system can control two liquid and one dry fertilizer application control simultaneously. To allow for this, the Operator simply needs to install one Graham Fertilizer Control Board per pump being utilized.

Liquid Fertilizer Control Module includes:

  • Fertilizer Control Board – Our Fertilizer control board plugs into the PWM and flow meters and communicates wirelessly to our Graham Pro Interface Board to manage the gallon/acre application.  Each Control Board can control up to four liquid pumps.  This communicates wirelessly to our Graham Pro Interface Board, which communicates via Bluetooth to the GrahamPro Command Tablet in the Cab.
  • Liquid Fertilizer Software Module – The LiquidPro software module is an application that displays on our GrahamCommand Pro tablet controller that allows for control of row-by-row variable rate fertilizer application. This software is required to operate our Liquid Pro hardware system.

NOTE –Each Graham Pro EPD motor provides power to individual row PWM solenoids (must be purchased from 3rd party seperately). Each PWM solenoid offers variable rate flow control and is wirelessly controlled through each motor control board housed in the end cap of each Graham Pro motor.


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