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Graham Power Block


Graham Power Block

Graham uses an enclosed power distribution system. Installation only requires simply connecting to tractor power, routing the power cables to the appropriate PowerBlock and then connecting the Control Harness to the PowerBlock with Deutsche connectors. This not only allows for a quicker installation, but also reduces failure points along the installed system.

Graham BreakerBlock

Before the PowerBlock system, an exposed solenoid and a high current fuse was mounted at the battery. Now the components are mounted within our BreakerBlock. The BreakerBlock leads exiting one side that is attached to the battery. On the opposite side of the BreakerBlock are leads terminated to an Anderson connector that will take power to the planter. The solenoid switch cable attaches to the BreakerBlock with a Deutsche connector.

Graham PowerBlock

There are four configurations for the PowerBlocks on the planter. Each PowerBlock will mount next to a ControlBoard. Within the PowerBlock are the junction blocks from previous years. The capacitor that was mounted on the ControlBoard stand is now housed inside each PowerBlock.

PowerBlock Main

This configuration is for twelve row planters and higher. The top Anderson receives power from the tractor. The Anderson connectors on the left and right distribute power to the left and right side of the planter. For a sixteen row planter, the PowerBlock Main mounts on the planter next to the ControlBoard for rows 5-8. The bottom two Deutsche connectors are to attach power and ground to the ControlHarness.

PowerBlock Center

This configuration is laid out just like the PowerBlock Main, except for the top Anderson connector is removed. For example, a PowerBlock Center is used on a 16 row planter and is located next to the ControlBoard for rows 9-12. Also this PowerBlock will serve as the PowerBlock connecting directly from the tractor power on an 8 row planter.

PowerBlock Left and Right

The Left and Right PowerBlocks are used at the outer ControlBoards. There is only a left or right Anderson along with two deutsche connectors to attach the ControlHarness to the PowerBlock. This PowerBlock configuration will be used on all planters. For a 4 row planter, this will be the only PowerBlock on the planter. For a 12 row planter, there will be one PowerBlock Left and one PowerBlock right installed on the planter in conjunction with a PowerBlock Main.

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