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Grain Drills

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Grain Drills

We offer a kit to retrofit Grain Drills with Electric Drives. We offer kits for 1-4 section Grain Drill Kits.

The kits can be controlled by any Graham Command Tablet Lite, Graham Command Pro or  3rd party controllers using our Graham 3rd Party Interface system.

The hardware for these kits include the following:

  • MTR-125-S parallel shaft motors with 360 count speed sensors for feedback
  • Graham Control Boards
  • Graham Interface Board – Specific part number dependent on what controller is selected
  • Row Mount Kits (1 per motor)
  • Main Power Supply – Typically this is a power harness that plugs into the 7 pin on the back of the tractor and provides power directly to the motor and control boards.
  • Toggle Lift Switch & Lift Switch Harness – To turn entire drill power off
  • 360 Speed Sensor




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