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Graham 3rd Party Interface

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Graham 3rd Party Interface

The Graham 3rd Party Interface Kits can be used in conjunction with a 3rd party monitor that will provide the control commands to our electric drive system.  These kits use will perform the functionality such as prescription planting, variable rate, and shut-offs depending on the capabilities of your 3rd Party Controller.

The Graham 3rd Party Interface Kits can be used in conjunction with the following 3rd Party Controllers:

  • Precision 20/20 ( Gen 1, Gen 2, or Gen 3)
  • AgLeader Integra
  • AgLeader Insight
  • AgLeader InCommand
  • Trimble FMX 750/1000
  • Trimble TMX 2050
  • John Deere Seedstar 2/XP
  • John Deere Greenstar Liquid Rate Controller
  • Case Pro 600

Each Kit harnesses comes complete with a harness to connect our Graham 3rd Party Interface Board to your 3rd party control monitor in-cab.


  1. Each row will have one of our electric drives.
  2. For each four rows, there is one Graham EPD Control Box connected to the four electric drives through one of our control harnesses. A Graham EPD Interface Box connects with the rate controller.
  3. The Interface Box, in essence, is a virtual hydraulic drive and row shutoff system. The Interface Box wirelessly communicates with each Control Box, instructing each row whether or not to turn and the desired RPM from the rate controller.
    One important aspect of our system is that it is totally dependent on the rate controller being set up correctly. The user must be able to configure and operate the rate controller correctly or the result from our drives will be sacrificed.


Graham requires specific part numbers to be installed on the relevant 3rd party controller.  To learn more about what parts are required, please click:

Rate Controller Parts


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