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Graham Command Pro

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Graham Command Pro

The GrahamCommand PRO touch screen monitor only requires a power and ground connection. Communication between the planter drives and the monitor is wireless. Additionally, our GrahamCommand Pro tablet offers the following features:

  • Row-By-Row Population Control – The Graham Pro is the ONLY controller on the market that allows individual row population control.  Prescription maps and individually control the row population based on each rows location in the prescription map. For example, a 12 row planter straddling three population zones will have each row planting according to the respective population zone each row is located. The GrahamPro tablet will offer automated row control also based on the coverage map and turn compensation.
  • Automatic Row-by-Row Shutoff
  • Manual Population Rate or Prescription Planting Rate Control
  • Turn Compensation
  • Row level detail for Seed Singulation As-Applied Mapping
  • Operator configured thresholds for audio and visual alarms for singulation or population
  • Import .SHP Boundary Maps for shutoffs or create your own boundaries using our Command Pro Touch Screen
  • Seed Monitoring by Row using Bar Graph – Tracks Population as well as Motor RPMS
  • Field Level Summary Data – Real-time acres planted, average planted population versus target population, and total skips, doubles, and average singulation.

The Graham Command Pro with additional software modules and required hardware purchases supports the following functionality:

Depth Control – Utilizing our patent-pending Graham Depth Control 100% Wirless Electric Actuator based system, we can control your planting depth by monitoring and adjusting the pressure applied on each row unit.  This helps improve consistent emergence and can improve yields.

Liquid Fertilizer – By incorporating PWM nozzles on each row with our wireless control system, Graham can bring row by row-by-row variable rate and automatic shutoffs to your liquid fertilizer application.  We can control your application using either a manual fixed rate per acre or utilize your prescription map to bring maximum variable rate capabilities to your fertilizer application. We support two liquids running both running on prescription maps simultaneously.  By utilizing our fertilizer control system, we can save on inputs by shutting off liquid when the electric drive seed meters stop while also using variable rate to reduce inputs and possibly improve yields through proper application of fertilizer where it makes a difference.

Granular (Dry) Fertilizer Control – We can control each section of granular/dry fertilizer individually allowing Operators a level of shutoffs and variable rating on dry fertilizer that is unparalleled.  As with all our products, the control is 100% Wireless between the cab and the Planter bar offering a simple and easy retrofit solution for those Operators wishing to improve the performance of their Granular fertilizer application to reduce cost and potentially improve yields.


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