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GrahamCommand Basic


GrahamCommand Basic

Our GrahamCommand BASIC offers all the features of GrahamCommand Lite plus Row Seed Monitoring.

GrahamCommand BASIC is a great product for seed producers or farmers who are upgrading their planters and don’t currently have an existing in-cab controller. GrahamCommand BASIC offers an affordable upgrade option with robust product features, but does not require the Operator to invest in GPS technology to improve his or her variable rate planting capabilities.

The System uses our 80 RPM Brushed motors, QuadPro Control Boards (1 per 4 rows).  These QuadPro Control Boards communicate using our patent-pending RF protocol to our Graham BASIC Interface Board up in tab.  The BASIC Interface Board communicates via Bluetooth wirelessly to our GrahamCommand Basic Android Tablet in the Cab.  The system features:

  • Manual Rate Control
  • Manual Row Shutoff – Either entire planter on/off or manually shutting off individual rows.
  • Manual Individual Row Population -Up to 3 Master Population settings as well as the ability to adjust individual row-by-row population as a percentage of the master population setting.
  • Row Monitoring – We utilize any 3rd party 3-pin seed sensor.  Row monitoring includes row by row Seed Population, individual motor RPM monitoring, and standard deviation between Master Row Population set by Operator and the actual seed population being planted, which is useful to ensure accurate populations are planted and if there is any row malfunction such as vacuum loss, seed tube or seed plate plug or other mechanical issues that can impact proper seed population.

The GrahamCommand Basic offers three ways for speed to be inputted into the system:

  • Ground Radar – Using a Gardin GPS Speed Puck that transmits GPS ground speed to our system as Ground Radar Signal.  As Tractor Speed changes, the motor RPM’s automatically adjust to maintain population for each row.
  • GPS Globe Input – We can take GPS ground speed right from the Globe using a 3-pin harness connection.
  • Manual Mode – Operator can also simply simulate speed and set speed manually. However, in this mode, the GrahamCommand Basic will not adjust population as actual tractor speed increases or decreases.

The GrahamCommand BASIC touch screen monitor only requires a power and ground connection. Communication between the planter drives and the monitor is wireless.


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